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Coriander, also called as cilantro is an annual herb with edible leaves and seeds, a very common ingredient in cooking throughout the world and is especially very popular in India, South Asia and Mediterranean region. Cilantro-Coriander is also known for its medicinal properties. Coriander leaves are very fragile so they should be washed very carefully before cooking. Aside from it is used for cooking and garnihing, it also has health benefits. Read the following and appreciate its importance!

First, Coriander can lower bad cholesterol  and can increase the levels of good cholesterol.

It is also a very good food for digestive system. Promotes liver functions and bowel movements.

For diabetes patients, this is better because it can stimulate the insulin secretion and lower the blood sugar levels.

The phytonutrients in coriander such as elemol, camphor, borneol, carvone, quercetin, keampferol and epigenin, give protection from free radical damage.

Alzheimer's disease can be possibly treated by this.

The fat soluble vitamin and antioxidant- Vitamin A, protects from lung and cavity cancers. So aside from diabetic patients, this is also good for cancer patients.

Coriander also contains anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it is good against inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Learn from your the doctor and try to consider this as one of the treatments.

Ulcer can be cured with the help of Coriander's anti-septic properties. If you still can't eat, try munching this green but it is still better if you seek the aid of your doctor.

Another important health benefit of coriander is that it is good for the eyes. Antioxidants, our favorite, is in coriander and this prevents eye diseases and problems. It’s a good remedy in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

See how beneficial Coriander is? If you feel something not tolerable, always seek for your doctor's advice. Ask for more information about this and consider its benefits!

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