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Friday night especially if you go out with your officemates or friends. A simple drink together to cheer everyone or congratulate someone is one of the ways to express gratitude or happiness. But the day after stops the fun you had last night because of... Yes, hangover. Aside from the traditional cure for it, there is a more relaxing way to treat it: Have a bowl of soup.

• Suhlungtang, a soup made from simmered bones and sliced brisket. This cloudy, off-white soup is best eaten with scallions and salt to taste with some rice on the side or thrown in. Ox tail soup is also excellent for those craving meat with a bit more of a gelatinous texture.

• Next is a broth flavored with cinnamon, cloves, and star anise, this pho packs an aromatic punch

• The dark broth is packed flavor with tender chunks of beef, this is a soup that satisfies without leaving you feeling heavy.

• Noodle soup is deep and rich with flavor. This traditional take on beef noodle soup is accentuated by the heat of chili, which will definitely make you forget whatever hangover you may have had. 

• The short rib soup (galbi tang) is as comforting as it gets. With a rich broth accented by tender chunks of galbi off the bone served with multigrain rice and a smattering of side dishes, you are sure to leave feeling fully satisfied.

• Stew is also the answer because of its brothy consistency. The generous portion of beef shank, slightly gelatinous thanks to the tendons that run through it, is a dream for those with a penchant for less popular textures.

• Bulalo, a traditional Filipino soup, is made by boiling beef shank and marrow bones until the collagen and fat from the bones melt into a clear broth and it comes with large chunks of meat and vegetables like bok choy, cabbage, and whole corn on the cob to help cut through the fatty broth.

Let your loved ones find or cook you these soups and you'll never worry about hangover again!



Photo from: Tumblr